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October 29, 2008
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Meduzarts: Fallout 3 - DC by inetgrafx Meduzarts: Fallout 3 - DC by inetgrafx
Hi there!

I'm happy to present you one of our latest projects at Meduzarts: Fallout 3 - Destroyed Washington DC.
We've created three huge 9000x9000px matte paintings, that are going to be used widely for publicity purposes of the game.
You'll find a new demoreel and our latest work in the portfolio section of [link]
Additionally we also got the opportunity to design the background of the fallout 3 website: [link]

The game has been finally released!

Following people are beeing credited here:

Jessy Veilleux ( / [link] / [link]) - Creative Director / CoFounder Meduzarts (Art Direction, Digital Matte Painting)

Nadia Salvaggio (LinkedIn: [link]) - VFX Producer (Client Contact, Coordination / Management)

Sylvain Berger (LinkedIn: [link]) - Technical Director (R&D, Character Rigging, Data Conversion)

Julien Chabot (LinkedIn: [link]) - Digital Environment Artist (CyGen Operation, Environment Modelling, Shading, Rendering)

Alexander Tessier (LinkedIn: [link]) - Digital Environment Artist (Character Modelling, Shading, Rendering)

Daniel Kvasznicza ( [link]) - Lead Matte Painter (CyGen Development and Operation, Digital Matte Painting, Texturing)

Artwork Description:

The first artwork out of three was the most challenging one.
Our task was to create a 9000x9000 pixel wide matte painting of destroyed Washington DC
matching a previously done concept art from Bethesda.
The client requested a version with and without the Character (Brotherhood of Steel) in the foreground.
The challenge was to create a destroyed city in a postapocalyptic environment at a very high resolution.
To create the 3d geometry for this vast matte painting we relied besides traditional modelling a lot on our inhouse tool "CyGen".
Julien Chabot operated CyGen and was responsible for the modelling, shading and lighting of the scene.
Alexander Tessier took care of the foreground character. He remodelled and shaded the existing game character to fit into a 9000px resolution,
while I repainted the character's textures to ensure a high quality for print.

Besides doing the actual matte painting I've spent lots of time on developing and improving CyGen for our production needs.
CyGen helped us to procedurally generate destroyed buildings as well as distributing them in the background of the scene.
This process saved us days of additional work and also improved the quality of our 3d work.
A description of an earlier version of CyGen is available on my website: [link]

Tools used:
Autodesk Maya,
Mental Ray,
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How Long can u Survive the Wastes of DC?
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